Carmen Soler, an art enthusiast.

Carmen Soler is an art enthusiast with a long experience in both the US and Barcelona. She  graduated in art history and with an MBA in educational management of art and museums from the prestigious Bank Street College of New York. Her professional experiences go through the Getty Foundation and the Guggenheim Museum. In Europe she has been curator of several exhibitions.

Her interest in the art market has led her to manage different collections, especially in aspects of valuation and documentation, becoming an art consultant with years of experience.

She managed an art gallery, this led her to meet relevant artists from Barcelona. With more than 40 years of experience today, she sees art as an enriching entity both from the historical-aesthetic prism and the market. 

“I created ADDART because I believe in the opportunity to involve people in art and culture in a more personal, unique and exclusive way. I provide experiences that inspire, give satisfaction, knowledge, exchange and fun. We want to connect our clients with the best of the art of Catalonia in the most personal and exclusive way possible”. 


Our clients look for the unusual. They have often traveled all over the world and look for unique and exclusive experiences that they cannot find anywhere else, genuine experiences that make them get into the culture of Barcelona through meeting famous artists and gallery directors. For our clients it is another perspective to enjoy their stay in the city. 

Museum patrons and clubs.

Due to the selection of our programs and the professionalism in which they are developed, we organize visits and tours for groups specialized in the art world. We also arrange  lunch or dinners in special historical places. 

Know the spectacular sites that are waiting for you.