Art in the hurricane eye

Art is once again in the eye of hurricane with the health and the economic crisis.

But perhaps not everything is so negative. Art, as always creative, and during the confinement time,has gone to work offering an infinity of proposals on social networks and through the websites of museums, art galleries and artists. In my opinion, this is very good because more than ever, art has reached out to people breaking the fear barrier. We are only at the beginning of making art part of the lives of millions of citizens

Perhaps we will see how from now that art will be enjoyed by a large part of the population and will coexist with elitist events: luxurious fairs and auctions.

Art as it expands more widely within society and among citizens may perhaps no longer be seen in governments as an elitist or unrepresentative issue for society. In this way, and perhaps, governments will be more involved in budget lines. Or perhaps, governments are decidedly involved in collaborating with the entire artistic actors as a good for their citizens.

Perhaps private foundations and institutional collectors are looking on the horizon for a change in their mission statements to collaborate with the local artistic components for the good of their society.

Changes that are coming and that we all have to row for the common good of all of us.

Although until the start of the pandemic, art basically was an International relationship between museums, art galleries, and so on. From now on, and due to the International restrictions, art will must, once again, to look at its local scene.

So, may be the key words for those times are: art to be celebrated by major number of population and enhance local art.