Barcelona is one of the preferred cities as a destination. Multiple reasons make it a destination is chosen by the most demanding tourist. Prosperous, dynamic, open to the Mediterranean Sea and its renowned congresses such as the World Mobile Congress, make the city a preferred place to visit.

But without a doubt, what confirms it as a unique city is its heritage. Did you know that Barcelona has nine monuments declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, all of them belonging to modernist architecture? That it conserves its medieval past with its cathedrals and multiple palaces? That it is the city of Joan Miró which left in life the Foundation that he created? That it is the city that saw Picasso grow, leaving him a unique museum in the world? Did you know …?

All this adds up to a unique culture in its way of life, its gastronomy with 31 restaurants with Michelin stars, its climate, and its people.

foundations-barcelonaIn love with my city and aware of its heritage I decided to found ADDARTBARCELONA, with the aim of offering a Premium and exclusive service to provide experiences that inspire, give knowledge, satisfaction, exchange, and fun. No matter the exclusivity and Premium that you want your visits, ADDARTBARCELONA is there to offer you unique and memorable experiences. Time is yours, just admire, discover, learn and have fun.

No matter if you want to see art galleries, museums, modernist architecture, artist’s studios.  Your visit will get comfortably by private car and at the end of our visit, you will explore the best of our gastronomy in a place with charm. Make your stay in Barcelona a memorable experience. Do not hesitate to contact us to make your wishes a reality.