Bill Viola exhibit Barcelona

Barcelona surrenders to Bill Viola

The most influential artist in video art opens in Barcelona with excellent programming throughout Catalonia

The Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera will open on October 4th a monographic exhibition dedicated to the artist: Bill Viola. Mirrors of the invisible. The organizers, aware of the relevance of the exhibition, have decentralized it beyond the physical space of La Pedrera to present Viola’s works in different institutions within Barcelona and the Catalan territory. So that will find an exquisite program at the Palau de la Música Catalana and the Liceu, the Montserrat Museum, the Episcopal Museum of Vic, the Bòlit Center for Contemporary Art in Girona and the Sorigué  Foundation in Lleida, which has a beautiful piece in his collection. The proposal for the Catalan territory is called: Bill Viola Route.

Bill Viola exhibit at La Pedrera


Intimate evocation, dialogue, and reflection on universal issues of the human condition invite spectators of all social and cultural domains. The link between the work and the viewer gives an extraordinary experience that moves thousands of people, because in his work, what is important is the interaction. In this sense, the artist urges viewers to be active participants. In fact Viola interprets this dialogue between work and spectator when he says: “I have come to understand that the most important place in which my work exists is not the museum space, the projection room, nor the television, and not even on the same video screen, but in the mind of the viewer who has contemplated it

Bill Viola creates videos and sound installations that focus on spirituality and explore various levels of human consciousness. It is in this sense, it is complex to describe his work. One comes to mind some words as a sublime, shocking, inspiring, inviting reflection … In any case, the work of Bill Viola awakens the most intimate of one when dealing with universal issues of the human condition as birth, life, death, time, expressions of pain, compassion, love, among others. Concepts executed with audiovisual media are resolved with exquisite and perfection, elegant formal composition, balanced and highly refined. The combination of message and formal aesthetics makes Viola’s work no indifferent to the viewer, making us travel to the depths of our existence. His installations, videos, sound environments, works for concerts and operas have been the subject of numerous studies, interviews, and exhibitions around the world. And where he presents he leaves a strong footprint among his spectators.

Great event this fall in Barcelona and throughout the Catalan territory.

I invite you to watch these videos of Bill Viola, wishing that they are of interest.

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