Do you have plans for the summer?

I define myself as an urban person.  I like to appreciate the identity of cities by their monuments and museums.

The Cote d’Azur is always beautiful both for its coast and for the villages. Among them, Sain-Paul de Vence is a reference. I have fond memories of a vacation with my daughter. In this charming village, there is the Maeght Foundation, that this summer presents: The Giacometti: A Family of Creators. An exhibition of works by the father and brothers of the well-known sculptor that allows us to appreciate the European artistic currents of the early twentieth century, from the post-impressionism of the father to the sculpture and contemporary architecture of the sons Giacometti.

I haven’t been to Paris in a long time. I look forward to going back! The city of light presents for the spring-summer a wide range of really irresistible proposals. From Renaissance art to contemporary art. I stick with the Renaissance proposals. The Jacquemart-André Museum, located in a beautiful mansion,  presents two important exhibitions: Signat and Botticelli. Hmmm! Botticelli, what a delight for the purest sense of beauty!

And if we continue with the Italian Renaissance, I would not miss the exhibition: Figure d’Artiste, at the Louvre. A curious and interesting exhibition of signatures, biographies, and portraits of the great masters of the Renaissance. After this amazing day, I would go for a walk in the gardens of the Louvre: the Carousel and the Toulleries. Then I would go to dinner at Café Marly, in front of the Louvre pyramid. Do you join?

It is always a reason to return to London, but even more so when there is a Francis Bacon exhibition. The Royal Academy proposes Francis Bacon: Man and Beast. I’m fascinated by Bacon! The chromatisms, the thematic revisions of the classics, the spooky figures, the formats …

From London to Madrid to the Georgia O’Keefe exhibition at the Thyssen. I also know that Madrid offers a wide range to make an urban plan comme il faut! .

Taking this virtual walk, I realized the desire to feel again the freedom to do and undo, to go back and forth, to come and go without limitations.

Excitement, a lot of excitement will be seen in many homes this summer. Some urbanite plans, like mine; others, on the beach or in the mountains. In any case, we can once again enjoy the small-big pleasures of life that we love so much.