Guerrero Medina. An exceptional Contemporary Spanish artist

The Taranmana gallery -, in the Principality of Andorra, opens the 2021-2022 season with GUERRERO MEDINA. Guerrero Medina is a leading artist in Spanish art, being one of the main representatives of the Spanish expressionist figuration of the second half of the twentieth century.

Guerrero Medina is a seamless art of authenticity, expression, and aesthetics. An exceptional Contemporary Spanish artist

The expressive force of the figures is really sublime and expresses the outside world. Figures without an individual identity of their own evoke the goodness of humanity in its successes and failures. Intimate figures that emerge from his memory, from the most intimate part of the artist, connecting with the viewer in an emotional feeling.

Figures well delimited by thick black lines, sometimes fragmented. Created from a chromatic game designed to be represented within the artistic language and that in its textures we can follow the strength and intention of the artist. From the shape, color, and texture, the conceptual will and aesthetic authenticity are expressed, as if it were their own breath. An artistic expression that allows us to describe the work of Guerrero Medina in the most rigorous sense of art definition.

Dr. Wolfgang Hagemann, writes about Guerrero Medina: “his paintings press the fiber of my heart, activate my mind and make my body feel.”