Talk of aesthetic changes at the most ongoing art it’s a tremendous generalization, considering that each artist is an expressive world with an own aesthetics and an own concept. In such a way that each artist forms the configuration of a global vision of an art that by definition is absolutely eclectic. If well we cannot talk about changes, we can talk about a new trend based on beauty, the pigment, and the forms.

Make a brief overview:

The art installations were protagonists at the art of ends of the 20th century. These could have distinct areas of work and, predominately, the main were: sculptural installations, video art installations, or conceptual installations.

Under my criterion had one you and abuse of art installations there are viewed a new area of artistic expression. Many of them conceived how ephemeral, others stay for the posterity. Shocking, was the common denominator and characteristic, although I meet me some few, very few: Mario Merz‘s igloos, Richard Serra‘s sculptural installations, and Cristina Iglesias, Dan Flavin‘s, and Jenny Holzer conceptual installations, and finally, Rebecca Louise Law floral installations.

The style of the art installations arrived to stay, like the recognized artists such as Ai Weiwei or Theaster Gates.

But it is being born a new trend, a more aesthetic art where the forms and the colors of the traditional painting are making a place at the most ongoing art.

One of the artists that embody the birth of a new trend is Damien Hirst. Hirst burst at the fame with his conceptual art installations of animals submerged at chloroform in huge fish tanks. His most recent work, and especially the realized for the Cartier FoundationCerisiers at fleurs, presents us a return to the ends of the 19th century and principles 20th  century, where the game of forms, colors, and textures takes the pulse at an aesthetics at clef of beauty. Cerisiers at fleurs will be able to view at the foundation in spring 2021.

If well this trend fits a return to the feelings that motivate the contemplation of the beauty is evident, it’s necessary to say that new materials, supports, and the huge formats emphasized the aim to submerge at the spectator at a fully aesthetic world.

To end, note the increasing presence of art & craft in a multidisciplinary art that configures the creative universe of our present. In this sense, it is necessary to recall the names of famous artists such as Picasso, Miró, or Chagall who integrated into his artistic production works with art&craft materials and technicians: the ceramic, the tapestry or the crystals.

Ernest Gamperl, Michael Lloyd, or Catriona Mackenzie, among many others, present us daily objects where the forms realized with wood, glass, metal, or ceramic evoke us again to the world of the beauty.

It is the indisputable presence of the beauty, understood as such, the new trend that draws at the most ongoing art?