Picasso’s life through photography in Picasso Museum

The Picasso Museum in Barcelona presents a relevant exhibition of Picasso’s life through photography: Picasso, the photographer’s gaze. Images captured by himself, by his women, or by relevant XX century photographers, reveal to us interesting moments of his life, both personal and artistic. Picks that testify the artist’s relationship with photography.

In 1992 the Picasso’s heirs gave to the French State the photographic archive with some 18,000 images. These are the ones that were his property, but apart from that, there is evidence of thousands of images that are in the hands of relatives of Picasso’s friends or in the press property. He was probably the most photographed artist of his time, at a journalistic level, with reports of his artistic activity, as at a level, we could call it “the object of study”, with great interest of the best photographers of the moment to introduce himself in the privacy of his home or studio and in some ways achieve the essence of genius.

This exhibition, based on the considerable personal archives of the artist, presents more than a hundred photographic prints of the time and unpublished glass plates. The tour of the exhibition is presented chronologically as well as by thematic approaches.

The exhibition has a triple interest:

On the one hand, the photographic document of their studies and the registration of many of their works, as well as photographs where they are presented working. The images belonging to this group are of great interest in the study of his work since they can reveal a lot of information that the work does not have.

On the other hand, he develops in photography one of the most discussed topics in his work: the self-portrait.

Finally, the exposed photographs present us the day to day of the great artist, his relationship with his women, children, and friends. Everyday life was full of anecdotes and stories. This group of photographs takes us to a biography made with images, where we can decipher their travels, who they were with, what they did, etc.

I invite you to discover the incredible Picasso museum in Barcelona and introduce us to this interesting exhibition that will bring you countless curiosities. As well as discovering where Picasso lived and worked during his youth in Barcelona. www.addartbarcelona.com