Reasons why to choose ADDART

Barcelona Exclusive art Experience

Why To choose Addart?

  1. Artists with national and international prestige, whose work is found in museums around the world. They are celebrities in the artistic and intellectual world of Catalonia.
  2. Exclusive art experience, professional and attentive service. You share your desires with us and we will do the best to make them a reality.
  3. Professional team.
  4. Flexible programming. You can choose a morning or evening program, a whole day or several days.
  5. We recommend booking our services on the ADDART Barcelona Exclusive art Experience website. If you cannot, this is not a problem, we will work to satisfy you.
  6. For special clients who have acquired a work of art, it is possible that the tour ends with a lunch or dinner with the artist or gallery director.
  7. According to the interests of our clients, we can create special visits through our Tailor-made proposals.
  8. We offer all shipping facilities for customers who buy works of art.
  9. We keep the artist-client relationship alive after the visits, by sending relevant events of the artists and galleries to the clients.
  10. We accept big groups in the programs of large monasteries.