Summer walks inspired by Gaudi

During this summer, ADDARTBARCELONA, had inspiring walks with its customers through the Barcelona’s best spots to contemplate and admire the impressive architectural legacy of Gaudi, Puig Cadafalch, and Domenech Muntaner, the three great architects of Catalan Modernism. Today we will talk about Gaudi and three of his buildings. Casa Mila (la Pedrera), Casa Batlló and the Sagrada Famila.

Gaudi’s creative peculiarities

  • The creative capacity of the great architect makes his buildings very different from each other but maintains a connection between them by the repetition of organic forms inspired by nature and an exquisite and abundant decoration of its buildings endowing them with great particularity.
  • The undulating forms of the buildings stand out, as are forms of natural inspiration such as the gentle swell of the sea or the undulating movements of the grass in the wind. The wavy forms of the building are reinforced with rounded finishes achieved in many cases with glazed ceramics.
  • The constructive asymmetry that is visualized as harmonic sets thanks to the decoration and the set of balconies and windows.
  • Light richness, with skylights, windows, and other elements. Light as a natural element is also reflected in the bright colors of the decorations of the buildings, both inside and outside.
  • The Casa Mila (La Pedrera) I would highlight the roof. Gaudi converts the structures of stairwells and ventilation into abstract sculptural rounded forms that invite the imagination of the spectator, inspiring and suggesting. Completing the wavy structure of the facade itself represents a very creative architectural and functional solution.
  • The Casa Batllo’s facade. Contemplating it we can observe a great creative deployment as the bony columns forms, windows with circular colored forms glasses, iron railings in the form of a mask and the facade cladding with ceramics and pieces of glass of bright colors, its famous trencadís. The facade culminates with a vault covered with two layers of brick and covered with glazed ceramic in the form of scales, in shades of red, green and blue, reminiscent of the back of a dragon.
  • I would highlight the Sagrada Familia’s interior with its impressive columns as a forest, arborescent columns, incredibly decorated in its upper part, symbologies that appear with detailed precision. The perfect incision of the light emphasizes the unique beauty of the space. The viewer feels emotional inspirations.

At the end of our exclusive, exciting and inspiring visits we sat down to have select snack at the Hotel Casa Fuster, work of the modernist architect Domenech Muntaner or we ended the day tasting our gastronomy in one of the secret gardens of the Paseo de Gracia, at the Hotel Alma.

Walks that inspire, excite and make you know the incredible heritage of Barcelona.

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