From the gothic palaces and cathedrals to the Picasso museum

Addart takes you to discover the history of the city through the palaces and cathedrals of the Born quarter and the Gothic quarter. In the Born, the story takes us to the impressive cathedral of Santa María del Mar, named as the cathedral of the Barcelona’s medieval working class. We walk through Montcada Street, where we discover its Gothic palaces with its impressive courtyards, five of these palaces are now the Picasso Museum. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is unique among all the Picasso Museums in the world to understand the early genius of the artist. From there we move to the Gothic quarter with its cathedral and the Palau de la Generalitat which maintains its function as of the Catalonia Government’s headquarter since 1400.  Finally, we rest in the tavern 4Gats, where we will taste the best of our gastronomy. The 4Gats was the cradle of Catalan modernism and Picasso was one of the notable clients as we have seen in the exhibition La cocina de Picasso.



Route Highlights

  • In the Picasso Museum, we be going to see the permanent collection and the temporary exhibition: La cocina de Picasso.
  • Between June and August take place the restoration in a showroom of one of the most important works of the young Picasso, Science and Charity. The restorer will explain to the ADDART clients the painting conservation problems. A great curiosity that makes the visit to the museum unique!
  • In an entertaining but rigorous discourse, will explain the most interesting artworks of the museum’s collection, observing their youthful works, which confer the particularity of this museum in front of the other Picasso Museums.
  • At the La cocina de Picasso exhibition we will see and explain the influence of modernist painters in Picasso, the years of the 4Gats and cubist works around the kitchen.

The price include

  • Luxury taxi ride
  • Pick up at the hotel
  • Max. 6 people belonging to the same group
  • The visit is planned for just over 4 hours
  • Select the schedule that suits you best
  • A select tapas snack will be served during your visit.

The price includes museum tickets to the permanent collection and temporary exhibition. It also includes 21% taxes


  • This program is carried out from June to September
  • Visits mornings and afternoons from Monday to Sunday
  • June 24 the Picasso Museum is closed

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Barcelona Exclusive Art Experience

We are different and we explain the reason why  |  See More  

Barcelona Exclusive Art Experience

We are different and we explain the reason why  |  See More